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The Jason Parker Quartet Shines During Its “Idle Moments”

Some days back, after I blipped Grant Green’s classic “Idle Moments,”  Jason Parker (@1WorkinMusician) let me know his Seattle-based quartet had recorded its own version of this timeless masterpiece on their second full-length CD No More, No Less.

Parker is a busy player on Seattle’s thriving jazz scene, and his blog posts and tweets about making a living as a full-time musician and bandleader have a healthy following.   I was definitely curious:  would The Jason Parker Quartet’s version of “Idle Moments” stand up to a comparison of the original?

Oh, yeah.  The quartet — Parker on trumpet, Josh Rawlings on piano, Evan Flory-Barnes on bass, D’Vonne Lewis  on drums, and special guest Cynthia Mullis on tenor sax — keeps the original’s languidly slow,
no- need-to-be-in-a-hurry pace, and Parker, Mullis, and Rawlings solo beautifully over those classic changes.    Everyone’s ears are open and I especially enjoyed listening to Mullis jump off the riffs Rawlings served up during her solo.  Nice, very nice.   The Jason Parker Quartet gives a respectful nod to the past while making “Idle Moments” its very own.

Check out The Jason Parker Quartet’s “Idle Moments”:

And here’s Grant Green’s original, full-length version:

The Jason Parker Quartet as recorded on No More, No Less:

Jason Parker – trumpet
Josh Rawlings – piano
Evan Flory-Barnes – bass
D’Vonne Lewis – drums
Special guest Cynthis Mullis – tenor sax


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