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Jeremy Pelt’s Men of Honor Light Up Duc des Lombards

Men of Honor

Men of Honor

Give Jeremy Pelt credit for calling his cadre of super-talented young jazz men exactly what they are — men of honor.   As young as he is, Pelt’s been known for a decade as one of the best we have on trumpet, and he keeps great company.  Just last week his quintet made themselves at home at Duc des Lombards in Paris.  We’re fortunate to have a brief glimpse of that evening, the club’s video mashup of “From a Life of the Same Name” and “Us/Them,” both from Pelt’s latest album Men of Honor.

Pelt’s new-traditional vision is supported by drummer Gerald Cleaver, bassist Dwayne Burno, tenor man JD Allen, and pianist Xavier Davis (in place of the album’s Danny Grissett).  This is clearly a seasoned, together band.  It’s a pleasure to listen to the quintet move gently through the opening of “From a Life of the Same Name” with Pelt and Allen harmonizing over Davis’ quiet explorations.

For the neo-bop burner “Us/Them” Pelt replaces his flugelhorn with his trumpet.  Listen as Davis dialogues with Allen and Pelt before they launch fully into their respective solos, and Davis steps up to ride Burno and Cleaver’s pulse all the way out.

It’s a genuine privilege to hear and view these men of honor putting their stamp on some of the best of jazz tradition.

Jeremy Pelt Quintet
Duc des Lombards, Paris
5 April 2010
“From a Life of the Same Name” & “Us/Them” 9:35


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