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Vertical Voices | The Music of Maria Schneider

Vertical Voices

Vertical Voices

Vocalists Julia Dollison and Kerry Marsh dreamed big when they conceived their new album. They had this idea: to record a collection of composer/bandleader Maria Schneider’s best known pieces, replacing all brass and woodwind solo and ensemble parts with their multi-tracked vocals.

“When they came up with this idea to do my music, I thought they were absolutely insane,” Schneider said, “and then they sent me a little MP3, just a sample that they just whipped up of this piece of mine, ‘Journey Home,’ with them singing every single orchestrated part.”  She listened. Then she gave her full support to their ArtistShare project.

Marsh and Dollison are husband and wife long-time musical collaborators. Their close cooperation is evident on the opening “The Pretty Road,” Schneider’s homage to her childhood landscapes. Dollison and Marsh create a lush, full orchestral sound with surprisingly varied textures.   Their vocal instruments carry emotional weight, adding intensity and giving new meaning to these compositions.  Maria Schneider’s touring rhythm section, including her long-time pianist Frank Kimbrough, provides support.

As beautiful as they sound in ensemble form, Dollison and Marsh also solo inventively. Hear them complete each other’s thoughts on the album’s final cut, “Hang Gliding.”

Julia Dollison and Kerry Marsh give us a breathtaking new way to appreciate some well-loved music with their new album “Vertical Voices | The Music of Maria Schneider.” Listen to this comparison of Dollison and Marsh’s versions of Maria  Schneider compositions compared with her original recordings:

Vertical Voices | The Music of Maria Schneider: The Pretty Road; Journey Home; Danca Illusoria; Sky Blue; Hang Gliding.(52:23)


Julia Dollison – vocals  (trumpet, flugelhorn and high woodwind parts)
Kerry Marsh – vocals  (trombone, low woodwind parts)
Frank Kimbrough – piano
Ben Monder – guitar
Jay Anderson – bass
Clarence Penn – drums


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